I have new interesting Fotos

September 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have been out to made some shots with my good friend click here in the last weeks.
He has made a nice Fotos:

Blume zum Sonntag.. by alfred.hausberger

Open Space "Stadtleben/Wiener Urban Lifestyle" by Christine Marek

katzen Klub kannibal Karneval by katzenklub


Got a new photography

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Yesterday me and my brother have been at the woods to take some pics- see what i found:

Grass Jelly Dessert@Taipei TongHua Street por zeping則萍

Nice – isnt it?

New Pics some interessting ones

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have been out taking Pix with my beloved brother here in the last couple of days.
He has made a interessting Pictures:

Bangkok Thailand by bangkok_diary

Sunrise, Sonnenaufgang, Asien, Krabi City, Southwestern Thailand, Southeast Asia by hn.

Me on the 'Orange bomber', my 1968 Orange VLB Vespa Sprint by digitaldion

Heres my awesome Blog

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Howdy Site. Im from Michigan and after a long time blogging too. 3 years later than everybody else – but hey, you have to start when you are ready! Ill hit up Facebook in 2010 🙂 I love shopping, enjoying eating fish and taking pictures with my Minolta 300. I will share my best images too – please take a second and let me know what you thing.

Flying Herring Gull - Seagull at the Beach by blmiers2

Hope you enjoy reading my Articles. More 2 come